I am the greatest Vegas showman you will ever meet.

Musical Legends

Bruno Marz could take a lesson on how to take a Vegas mug shot

Jim Morrison

Elvis Presley

Bruno Marz


Elvis Presley & Snoop Dogg joined forces with Darth Vader

Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side.

The Captains of Industry – DJ’s Extraordinaire – Puppet Masters of the Dance Floor

When it comes to night time entertainment, there are two distinguished gentlemen who have truly separated themselves from the pack, Mr. StoneRockk and the fabulous Graham Funke. Together, they are – The Captains of Industry – and if you haven’t heard, you’re not having any fun. Both men are DJ extraordinaires who define what it means to “Rock the Party”.  Much like Jack Satin, The Captains have made it their life’s mission to restore the good times, and work the luster back into the craft of merrymaking. Their music samplings are tasty and their fashion is retro fresh forward.  By the dance floor or next to the pool, The Captains know how to stir the vibe and shake things up.  Captains, I salute you.  So when we going to cut that album?  I thought we worked up some good sketches in the studio. Time to throw it on wax. Dig?

Mayer Hawthorne’s got the Vegas soul sound down

Those that caught Mayer Hawthorne at the grand opening of the Cosmopolitan know what I’m talking about.  He’s also keenly aware that in showbiz, and for that matter in life, a man is the clothes that he wears.


Mayor’s “Maybe So, Maybe No” gets me every time.

Maybe so, maybe no

Could it be that your love was meant for me
Maybe so, maybe no
Could it be that your love was meant for me
Maybe so, maybe no

I don’t know what lead me to your love,
Was it faith or destiny
Oh, either angels from above
Smiling down on you and me

La la laaaaa la la laaaaa la la la la la
Like birds of a feather
Here we are together

Could it be that your love was meant for me
Maybe so, maybe no
Could it be that your love was meant for me
Maybe so, maybe no

Why does time go by so fast now
When I’m here with you
Don’t know why minutes seem like hours
When I’m away from you

La la laaaaa la la laaaaa la la la la la

I’m not sure if it’s really real now
Is it a dream or maybe a game
All I know since I lost you girl
My life hasn’t been the same

Now everyday we grow closer together

Jack Satin’s Top 10 Christmas Albums

It’s that time of the year again, and again I’m already tired of the the same old versions of familiar holiday jingles.  So, here’s a few album covers that caught my eye as I flipped through stacks of vinyl searching for yuletide gems.   Pile these on your turntable and they’re sure to stir things up.

Happy Holidays.

-Jack Satin

Top 10 Beatles Songs

According to Rolling Stone Magazine here are the top 10 Beatles songs of all time.

10.  While My Guitar Gently Weeps

9.  Come Together

8.  Let It Be

7.  Hey Jude

6.  Something

5.  In My Life

4.  Yesterday

3.  Strawberry Fields Forever

2.  I Want To Hold Your Hand

1.  A Day in the Life

Elvis Flies the Lisa Marie to Las Vegas

So the story goes… Elvis bought a Convair 880 Jet, taken out of service by Delta Airlines, for $250,000 and laid down another $350,000 to slick it out and named her the Lisa Marie – modern function and Graceland style. He was jazzed that his design team previously customized the President’s plane Air Force One.


November 27th, 1975 Elvis takes his first flight to Vegas on the Lisa Marie.


Plush sleeping quarters
Custom penthouse bedroom with custom queen size bed
Executive bathroom with gold faucets and gold washbasin
Video tape system linked to 4 TVs
Stereo system linked to 52 speakers
Conference room finished in teak
Custom exterior paint job with the ‘TCB’ logo on the tail
Required crew of 4
Seating capacity of 28
Tower call name – 880 Echo Pappa
Nickname – Hound Dog One
Horsepower – 44,800 lbs. thrust
Weight – 87,000 lbs.
Cruising speed – 615 mph
Maximum altitude – 41,000 ft.
Fuel consumption – 1,700 gallons per hour — take off, 2,200 gallons