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Elvis Flies the Lisa Marie to Las Vegas

So the story goes… Elvis bought a Convair 880 Jet, taken out of service by Delta Airlines, for $250,000 and laid down another $350,000 to slick it out and named her the Lisa Marie – modern function and Graceland style. He was jazzed that his design team previously customized the President’s plane Air Force One.


November 27th, 1975 Elvis takes his first flight to Vegas on the Lisa Marie.


Plush sleeping quarters
Custom penthouse bedroom with custom queen size bed
Executive bathroom with gold faucets and gold washbasin
Video tape system linked to 4 TVs
Stereo system linked to 52 speakers
Conference room finished in teak
Custom exterior paint job with the ‘TCB’ logo on the tail
Required crew of 4
Seating capacity of 28
Tower call name – 880 Echo Pappa
Nickname – Hound Dog One
Horsepower – 44,800 lbs. thrust
Weight – 87,000 lbs.
Cruising speed – 615 mph
Maximum altitude – 41,000 ft.
Fuel consumption – 1,700 gallons per hour — take off, 2,200 gallons