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Jack Satin's Hope For Haiti – Power of Music

So, by now you’ve heard.  There’s going to be the telethon of all telethons on Friday the 22nd to raise money and lift the spirits of the people of Haiti.  It will be a two hour event not to miss – hosted by George Clooney in Los Angeles, Wyclef Jean in New York and Anderson Cooper in Haiti.

The line up of artists so far includes; Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Shakira, Alecia Keys, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Bono, The Edge, Coldplay, Jay-Z and Sheryl Crow.

This prolific assemblage of music heavies for a humanitarian cause got me thinking. Why music?  Well, for starters, music is a universal language that crosses all boarders and unites people.  If you want to get to the hearts of people there is no better way than through music.  Without getting too philosophical, music is a life affirming force.  In its personal enjoyment, sharing and creation, music reminds us we are all in this together.  Truly great songs have the ability to raise consciousness and spark change or in this case, help out those in need.  Music also has the unique ability to sooth the soul.  Music is our friend when the chips are down.

Be sure to watch and donate what you can.  When music and a righteous cause are coupled together – that is one powerful force.  If only musicians could get together more often… Together we can make a difference.

The following is a memorable song and the story of its creation – born out of the necessity to help out.